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1.  Meet the Robinsons - Disney, Burbank

Contributed to Renderman™ shaders for the characters' hair, eyes and skin as well as grass and the topiaries.

2.  Bolt - Disney, Burbank

Contributed to Occlusion and Indirect Light Renderman™ shaders and preproduction rendering support for the shaders using this feature.

3. The Prodigies - Attitude Studios, Paris, France

Contributed to shader design, look development, lighting and rendering pipeline. Bid shots. Worked on complexity analysis. Setup initial sequence lighting.

4. Roadside Romeo - Tata-Elxsi, Bombay, India

Added extra output layers to existing Renderman™ Slim templates and Maya interface. Added new hair and skin shaders as Slim templates.

5.  Dr. Doolittle 2 – Rhythm & Hues, Playa del Rey

Look development and lighting with their proprietary software.

6.  Harry Potter 3 Framestore, London, U.K.

Contributed to the eyes, beak and mouth interior Renderman™ shaders for the Hippogriff in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

7.  Peter Pan – Digital Domain, Venice Beach

Contributed to VEX™ shaders for the Ocean water and wave foam.

8.  Harry Potter 1 –Imageworks, Culver City

Contributed to the nose, teeth, tongue and mouth interior Renderman™ shaders for Fluffy, the three headed dog, and the Troll in the Bathroom for The Sorcerer's Stone.

9.  X-Men 2 – Cinesite™, Hollywood

Wrote the Renderman™ shaders for the “clean” and the “rusty” Cerebros panelled spheres, the frosting animation of the coke bottle, “Cyclops” beam and replaced everything including the lake water for the final sequence.

10.  Terminator 2 – ILM, San Rafael

Alias™ 2 was used for modeling, animation and lighting. The relevant shaders for those shots were written in Renderman™. Also did some pipeline scripting and the compositing.

11.  True Lies – Digital Domain, Venice Beach

Maya™ and Houdini™ pipeline scripting and Renderman™ shaders for Harrier jet heat signature.

12.  Sum of All Fears – Rhythm & Hues, Playa del Rey

Houdini™ particle animation for the dust. Used Jig from Steamboat Software for volumetric rendering.

13.  “Wind Test” – Oddworld, San Luis Obispo

This sequence was developed to test the pipeline design. Besides designing this rendering pipeline, I was the Technical Supervisor for the look development, and wrote the Renderman™ shaders. Did some Slim (version 0.5) QA.

14.  Anaconda – Imageworks, Culver City

Used Maya™ for the lighting of the snake and the digital stuntman. Their shadow generation, mattes and shaders were writing in Renderman™. Wavefront Composer™ was used to composite the actor, the live stunt man, animated snake, shadows, leaves, dust and generate the camera move.

15.  From the Earth to the Moon,
        Hollywood Digital, Hollywood

Modeling and tracking using Houdini™, some pipeline design, lunar surface shaders in Renderman™.

16.  Demolition Man – VIFX, Playa del Rey

Look development and lighting was done using Renderman™. Compositing and particles generation used proprietary software.

17.  Batman 3 – Warner Bros, Burbank

Generated, composited and color corrected the tilt down, flashing lights, graffiti, roving spotlight and background bridge using Composer from WaveFront.

18.  Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera
        DeGrad/Wahrman, Hollywood

Layout, camera work, and Renderman™ shaders in the Flintsone and the Launch sequences.  for an IMAX ride at Universal Studios, Florida.

19.  Interscope Logo – Rez.N.8, Hollywood

The layout, camera work, shading and lighting were all done using Houdini™.

20. Lucuzade NRG “Desmond the Dog” Spot
        Lost in Space, London

Modeling and some animation, and wrote all of the Renderman™ shaders.  Also supervised the database, wrote pipeline scripts and composited much of the spot using Houdini™.